Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Diva

I spent Holli's 5th birthday at the Child Support office with her father on September 25. I thought it was ironic that we had to have the mediation on her birthday and seriously the caseworker came and got us at almost 1o minutes after 8 am. Holli was born at 8:10 am. Although all the ironies of the day are funny, we still did not get anything resolved and have to go back again on October 9, 2007. I want him to take responsibility for his daughter's health insurance and he wants to not. So nothing new there.

I picked Holli up from school and we headed to McDonald's to pick up dinner. (her choice) She then asked me when were we going to the store to pick up her Barbie Island Movie. I told her No, after we got dinner we were going to head home. I had the Barbie Movie, 2 tshirts and Hello Kitty Bandaids (she loves bandaids) waiting for her at home and I really wanted to surprise her.
Holli was sitting in her carseat saying, but Mommy you promised I was going to get my movie today. I really, really wanted everything to be a surprise at home so I asked her to just trust that Mommy would keep her word to her. She said okay and then thought about it and went again, but Mommy you said I was going to get it today. I just said I know sweetie and we will discuss it when we get home. I had the gift bag and everything setting out just so and I wanted to hear her little squeal when she walked in the front door so I could not let her know the movie was already there. She got really quiet in the backseat and was so sad. I just patted her on her leg again and told her to trust me. When she got home she saw her little surprise. She trew out the card, the band aids and the tshirts and jumped up and down when she saw the movie. She was saying Mommy you did get it, you did get it. So I had to trust you.

This lets me know that I have to be really careful about what I say to Holli and make sure that I don't make promises to her I am unable to keep.

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