Monday, October 22, 2007

The Best Weekend

I spent this weekend with two of my very dear friends. I met them on my Mommy Board and have known them for over year. Aisha is such a sweetie and the first time I met her I felt like I had known her for years. Kim and I have gotten closer now that she lives so close to me and not another state.

I spent the night with Kim so we could head out early. We had such a good time chatting the night away. We then loaded up the kids in her van, thank God for the in car DVD player. Holli was actually a little quiet until Kim's son wanted to watch Spiderman and then she woke and decided to chat away.

Kim and I drove to Houston for Aisha's daughter's 5th birthday party. After the party we went to Aisha house and chatted away and then Aisha made us Paula Deens' BBQ meatloaf and Mashed Potatos. That food was Slap yo Mama Good. We then spent the night and woke up the the most wonderful breakfast complete with Oprah's favorite preserves, Baby Norah was sitting at the table with us and yelling as we each buttered up our biscuits. I told Aisha, Norah is telling you she wants a biscuit. Aisha finally relented and gave her part of hers and Norah gave her the biggest smile and looking like - That's what I'm talking about.

The kiddos had such a great time playing together. Aisha said that the Diva should be in management but I think that was her nice way of say Holli is a tad bit bossy. She kept going Kid's after we eat dinner, we are going to play a game and then we are going to watch a movie etc

Aisha husband is the best. I he is so funny and they make such a terrific team.

We got home around 9pm and Holli and I were so tired. We immediatley crash. After sleeping with me for 2 nights in a row I heard little footsteps heading my way and getting into bed with me. Now I have to think of a new bribe to get her back into her bed, but it was so worth it to spend time with Kim and Aisha.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

The Diva lost her first tooth last night. We were reading on the couch and she popped it out into her hand. She was so excited because she could not wait for a visit from the tooth fairy.

I had her rinse out her mouth and then we put the tooth in a paper towel. At first she wasn't having it because she did not think the tooth fairy would know to look in it. I assured her everything would be okay. Of course, I did not have any change in my purse to leave for the tooth fairy so I had to sneak into her room and take the coins out of her bank to put under her pillow. I have been advised that I should put the coins back, but since technically she took them out of my purse to begin wtith I think I am okay. Anyhoo, this morning I went to wake her up and the first thing she did was raise up the gazillion pillows she sleeps on and saw the paper towel under her pillow.

We carefully opened it up and voila she had 5 coins. She then told me we needed to go to the Star Store (WalMart) so she could ge a Bratz doll. I said maybe we should get stickers for now and save the dolls for Santa.

I can't believe my baby has lost her first tooth already
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Should I Be Worried?? lol

Holli loves High School Musical. It is one of her favorite movies. She walks around singing all the songs and acting out the parts. Well yesterday she told me she was Sharpay because she was FABOULOUS and the proceeded to sing the song. Anyone that knows the High School Musical movies knows that this is not a good thing. lol

Right now we are getting ready for Halloween. Holli has her heart set on being Cinderella and she thinks we have not purchased her costume yet. (It's hidden in my closet) Yesterday in the car we were talking and she said Mommy do you promise I get to be Cinderella for Halloween." I told her Yes, I promise and then she said Yeah I get to be Cinderella. So again this let's me know that it is very important that I keep my word to her and do not make promises I cannot keep.

The Child Support Review went very well and things financially will begin to look up as long as her father does what he is suppose to do.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Birthday Party

Holli's party was a blast. It was small and only close friends and family showed up. None of her classmates, I guess she is too new at the school. I will get to meet some of the parents at the Fall Carnival this month.

My co-worker made a beautiful Cinderella cake and it was a hit. Holli loved having her Cinderella cake
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Holli's father called that morning and said he was not coming he got a last minute tournament to do, which is what I knew he was going to do. Holli does not expect him at any of her functions so she was not hurt and all she wanted to know was what time were we leaving for the party. She was so excited. She wore her Tinkerbell dress all day. I kept thinking I could have saved money on the birthday outfit no one saw. :)

My friend who just adores Holli came by and took her to Sweet and Sassy for her first manucre and pedicure at age 5. They painted tiara's on her toes and put glitter on her face
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I forgot to take a picture of it earlier so her toes are kinda got messed up after the party.

Holli also got her cheerleading uniform. She could not wait to get it on so we took a few impromptu pictures

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Her first competition is December 9. I think I am more excited than Holli, if that is even possible.