Thursday, October 11, 2007

Should I Be Worried?? lol

Holli loves High School Musical. It is one of her favorite movies. She walks around singing all the songs and acting out the parts. Well yesterday she told me she was Sharpay because she was FABOULOUS and the proceeded to sing the song. Anyone that knows the High School Musical movies knows that this is not a good thing. lol

Right now we are getting ready for Halloween. Holli has her heart set on being Cinderella and she thinks we have not purchased her costume yet. (It's hidden in my closet) Yesterday in the car we were talking and she said Mommy do you promise I get to be Cinderella for Halloween." I told her Yes, I promise and then she said Yeah I get to be Cinderella. So again this let's me know that it is very important that I keep my word to her and do not make promises I cannot keep.

The Child Support Review went very well and things financially will begin to look up as long as her father does what he is suppose to do.

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