Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

The Diva lost her first tooth last night. We were reading on the couch and she popped it out into her hand. She was so excited because she could not wait for a visit from the tooth fairy.

I had her rinse out her mouth and then we put the tooth in a paper towel. At first she wasn't having it because she did not think the tooth fairy would know to look in it. I assured her everything would be okay. Of course, I did not have any change in my purse to leave for the tooth fairy so I had to sneak into her room and take the coins out of her bank to put under her pillow. I have been advised that I should put the coins back, but since technically she took them out of my purse to begin wtith I think I am okay. Anyhoo, this morning I went to wake her up and the first thing she did was raise up the gazillion pillows she sleeps on and saw the paper towel under her pillow.

We carefully opened it up and voila she had 5 coins. She then told me we needed to go to the Star Store (WalMart) so she could ge a Bratz doll. I said maybe we should get stickers for now and save the dolls for Santa.

I can't believe my baby has lost her first tooth already
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Elizabeth said...

Ha ha! Smart girl - let's go shopping! Truely after my own heart ~Liz

Kimberly said...