Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Update - October

Hello I am updating from the past year and then hope to move on to regular posts at the end of each month

Well it’s officially fall, but not really here in Texas. We are having some cool morning, but the afternoons are still in the low 80’s My daughter wore long sleeves and a coat to school this morning, but will need shorts when she gets home.

I am a little behind in updates so here it goes. I will have to add pictures later. My digital camera has decided to go kaput so I am doing old school and now have to have pictures developed and loaded to a CD. The one thing that I am actually in the 21st century about and it has died.

October 24

Holli had her dance performance. She is in a pre-intermediate class and I can really see how much she has learned from her beginners class. I also got to see the competitive, perfectionist side in her even more. She got an answer wrong when Miss Jasmine asked her a question so after that she was bound and determined to get every answer and show each step the rest of the class.

October 26

Fall Carnival at her school. It was small and personable. Holli had a great time because she got to wear her official Cinderella costume and not last year’s Tinkerbell costume she had to wear to school earlier. She loved the bounce house the best. I did not think she would ever leave so I gave her tickets to someone else

October 30

We had a Fall Carnival at our apartment complex and I won a cake. They tried to give me the monstrosity of a cake. It was a large jack o latern, but I passed on it and got a little loaf cake. We had a great time. The evening was marred by vandals who decided to slash tires in our area. Thank God my tires were not one of the cars, but I feel so sorry for the others. Some people had all 4 tires slashed on their cars.

October 31

Princess Cinderella officially reigned in our home. She wore her costume to school and they visited a nursing home that morning and the evening we went to the carnival at Prestonwood Church – OMG that is a big church. I did not realize that it actually cost money, I am so glad I brought some money. I bought a book of tickets and had a blast.
Holli did the bounce house and we rode the train together, but her most fun was getting to join the kids on stage from PCA and sing the closing song to High School Musical 2 All for one something… She loved being on stage and afterwards I could not get her to do anything else. She wanted to hang out around the stage in case she got to go back up there. She is also so sweet to the little ones. I know she wants a little sister so whenever she sees a little girl around 2-3 she takes extra time to talk to them. She even gets down to their level and talks to them. One of the Moms at the Carnival told me she was willing to rent her daughter out if I wanted to take her home. Lol. We left the carnival before the crowds started to appear and grabbed some Chick Fil A. We were sitting on the couch eating and Holli lays her head on my shoulder and goes Mommy I had so much fun tonight. Thank you for taking me to the Festival. I love you. That was so sweet. All I could think was That’s why I keep you around little girl.

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