Sunday, March 30, 2008

Incident at Work/ TX BBQ and a Workout

So my weekend started a little crazy at work. We have 2 team leads who have been given power and responsibility and have let it go to their heads. For the most part they have truly left me alone and have chosen to terroize other people. Well I Friday we had training on a new program since we are going to soon merge with Harcourt. We had to be trained on their program. I was sitting next to a coworker Kim. Katherine one of the evil twosome walks into the training room loud, country and ghetto as usual and goes Robbie and Kim you two are not sitting by each other. and walks out of the room. Another co-workers goes is she joking. I say I guess so because she is not my supervisor, I am not her child and she is not going to talk to me like that. So she comes back in again all loud and says it again. I tell her I am not moving, Kim turns around and ask her why she is talking to her like that. I say I am not your child you do not talk to me like. She goes oh well I am sorry, but Kim you have got to move and stand behinds Kim's chair like she is an disobediant child until Kim moves over one seat and she then sits in between us. I am sitting in my chair fuming and then decide that I need to go to talk to our supervisor. So I explain to her what happens and you know what she says. Maybe she wanted to sit by you to make sure that you understand it. I could not believe it and asked her (my supervisor) Why would some one talk to me like I am something that they scraped off the bottom of their shoe if they were trying to help. So then her magic solution was that I move chairs and sit by another co-worker. Nope not going to happen. I did nothing wrong so I told her I was not moving and that I was professional enough to ignore her. So after the meeting our supervisor talked with her along with Katherine's partner in crime Connie (another evil little heffa) Katherine came out all swolled face. I decided to think about it over the weekend, but Monday I am writing a formal complaint and sending it to our HR dept. I seriously doubt anything will be done, but at least I feel like I am standing up for myself.

Now on to the good stuff. I am on a wonderful board called Mommy Connection where I talk to other Mom all over the US. We have a couple of members in the UK and Australia also.
Well some of the TX Mom's got together to have a BBQ since Kim's husband was on leave from Iraq. We had such a blast and Holli has a new friend named Becca. Becca is 3 yrs older than Holli but they have such a blast together. We are planning sleepovers for this summer.

Today I actually went to the gym and did a 20 minute workout on the treadmill. Yeah me. I am still not going to do any formal diet at the moment. I am just working exercising into my life. Next month I plan to work on food.

Well that's it for now

Monday, March 24, 2008

Suga's , The Tiara and Happy Easter

Holli went to stay with my Mom for her Spring Break this year. She’s in daycare so she truly does not have a spring break, but she hears other people talking about and decided she needed one also. I took her to my Mom’s house on Sunday March 17 and decided to stay for awhile and talk to my Mom before she went to pick up my little sister.

Holli walks up to me and goes…

Holli – Mom I thought you said I was staying at Suga’s by myself
Me- You are Sweetie
Holli- Then why are you still sitting on Suga’s couch. Its nighttime outside
Me- Holli I know it’s nighttime. I am talking to my Mom and when I get thru I am going to go home
Holli- but when

Little Heffa. She had a great time at Suga. On Tuesday she started to cry for me so I went to pick her up. She told my Mom she had lots of fun and wants to come back, but she missed her Mom. Just when I am ready to put her out of the house she goes and says something like that.

Well the next day Holli is getting ready for school and wants to wear her St. Patrick’s Day tiara to school. I tell her she can’t take a toy to school so she can’t wear it. Without missing a beat she goes Mommy, a tiara is not a toy, its jewelry. You can wear jewelry to school. LOL yeah right kid.

Easter was kinda of a dud this year. First of all it was soooooo early. Thank God we will not be having anymore middle of March’s Easter’s for awhile. Saturday, Holli and I got up and went to the clubhouse Easter Egg Hunt; we then went to the one at the library and finished off the day with an early dinner at Chik Fila. Not to bad. Holli begged to play with the stuff in her Easter basket. So I had to give her a very firm NO and threaten to throw it away before she would stop asking. She is persistent if nothing else. Next year I am hiding the Easter stuff in my closet. I am not doing the Easter Bunny leaving the stuff at the house, but Easter goodies will not be sitting on the table for me to be asked about every single freaking day.

I had also presses Holli’s hair so this was her first Easter without Afro puffs. She looked so darling. I hate that my camera is broken. I plan to take pictures everyday once I get my camera replaced. I hate not having a camera. It is my next priority.
Anyway I digress; I woke up Easter with horrible cramping and was bloated beyond measure. I tried to wear my Easter Dress (got for $10 bucks at Goodwill – woohoo) but it was not happening. After going thru about 5 other outfits I finally decided on my black knit pants, black tank and turquoise top. Holli was in her very beautiful yellow Easter dress. We looked like Mutt and Jeff. Anyway I get to church and I was probably one of them most dressed up females. People had on jeans; it was so laid back and casual. I can’t believe I was making a big deal out of an outfit. . So we get there and because I was not feeling well. I had not started dinner. Little Caesars was closed for Easter so off we go to Wendy’s for an Easter Dollar Menu lunch. I the take a nap. Holli watches her movies and I finally find the energy to get up. We color eggs, I cook our Easter dinner and then we watch the game plan. I enjoyed it, but it was really too long for Holli. She had ever seen the ending.

So Easter was not what I was a hoping for this year. Hopefully since it is in April next year and I will not be paying off large debts we will have a really great Easter complete with an actually Easter lunch and lots of pictures.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life is good.

2007 ened and 2008 began with my life just in a mess. I felt like I was just going thru the motions trying to hold it all together. I can now say as today I can finally say the fog has lifted and things are about 5000% better.

Now my main problem is the upstairs neighbors from hell. They have 2 little boys who they allow to run nonstop untill 11 pm some nights. I tried talking the wife and all I got was this blank stare from her while the 2 boys wrestled behind her. I filed a complaint with the office and the husband lied and said that the boys are in bed by 9 pm. Tonight I had to call security on them for loud music. I got tired of waiting for a call back and jsut beat on the ceiling. Even Holli is complaining and wants me to go to the office to complain again.

Part of me wants to be an adult and work the the apartment staff to solve this problem. Theo ther part of me wants to go thru the apartment beating on my celing with a broom so they can get a taste of their own medicine. I really need to look into renting a townhome or house in the fall.

Other than that Holli suppose to be staying with my Mom for 3 days. My Mom usually flakes out on me so I am waiting for the call when she tells me she is sick and can't do it or she keeps Holli on Sunday and asks me to pick her up on Monday. My Dad wanted her this week also, but I did not feel like driving to Itasca in the middle of the week to pick her up. Now if I could get her Dad to get his head out of his ass and be a part of her life.

Well that's about it for now.