Monday, April 14, 2008

Apartment Searching

I am looking for a new place to live for various reasons and we went to look at different apartments. So we go to one apartment complex

We went and looked at apartments this weekend. So we are talking to the leasing consultant and the woman goes. Why are you moving? I tell her I am looking for something nicer, bigger. Holli pops in and says very seriously. We need 2 bathrooms. We have 1 now and we NEED 2.

The leasing consultant could not talk for a minute or so.

We then go look at the apartments. Holli keeps trying to give me the small bedroom so the leasing consultant goes. We do have a roommate plan and the rooms are the same size. Let's go look at that one. Holli walks in and inspects the place and goes this is nice Mommy which room do you want.
The leasing consultant now insists that we live there so she can talk to my child.

I think Holli and I need to just part company now. She gets her on place and I get mine. :)

Weigh in today was not bad. I did not lose or gain. I am happy because I basically ate crap all weekend. Now time to get back on track.


Kimberly said...

shes too funny!

Aisha said...

LOL! She cracks me up! There's no keeping her quiet is there? Hang in there with the weight loss! It is hard but you can do it!

Michael said...

How's it going? I stumbled upon your blog, I noticed you were looking for an apartment. Myself and a friend have a site that is free to use, it's called MyApartmentMap. I was wondering if you might want to give it a try and let your readers know about it as well. The site pulls apartment listings from many different locations, landlords post sites and we plot them all on a map. When viewing the listing on the map, you are also able to see where the apartment is located in relation to local grocery stores, laundry and schools, bars and gyms.

Looks like you are in Dallas, start here: . There are 93 pages of apartments in that borough alone.

Hope you find it useful and if you do, share it with your readers:)

Take care,