Sunday, April 6, 2008

Holli's Spring School Picture

Who would have thought a 5 yr old could look this cute and to think I almost did not buy them.
I had bought picture of Holli in the fall. She looked like my cute little diva. Her daycare has everyone take a picture even if you are not going to buy them. So we gussied her up and I figured I would buy at least 1 sheet of pics if they turned out okay. Well I am trying to manage my funds so I went inot the daycare on prepared to not look at them. The director, (THANK you Miss Diane) insisted that I least look at them. She said she had seen them and Holli looked beautiful. I am thinking what the heck why not. And viola this is her picture


I am so glad I looked and bought. My beautiful little girl is growing up

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Kimberly said...

she is growing up!! stop her now!!