Monday, April 21, 2008

Time with Dad

Holli's Dad did something he has NEVER done before. On Wednesday he picked her up from school, took her to dance class, took her to Mcdonald's to eat and play and the brought her home. He got her to class 20 minutes late and then one of the parents had to find him at the end of the class, but he did do it. He now has to do it again and get it right (lol) , but Holli was oblivious and all she knows is that her Dad spent timw with her. She needed it. She had been crying for him, she had friends that had told her she did not have a Dad and so she got to show her friends that yes the mystery man actually exist. She now has not said another word about him and we had been on a 20 times a day talking about him and going from crying to being mad at him. She had given me her stuffed heart pillow he had bought her because she said I loved her. Hopefully this is something he will continue.

On Friday our church Hebron community Church had a health fair and movie on the lawn. I got a wonderful 20 minute massagem but my blood pressure and the diabetes test were in the "warning" zone. I am going to follow up with my doctor. I had jsut eaten dinner 20 minutes before the test so that might have been why I tested 142 on the diabetes test. I have always tested around 92 with the fasting test so this is something I really plan to look into. I do not want diabetes. The best part is Kim,Declan and Bella joined us at the church.

Sunday we did a bad thing. Holli had a birthday party on Sunday that ran over into cheerleading practice. I skipped cheerleading with another Mom and we just sat and visit. It was nice. I did make Holli practice the cheer yesterday and today. So my concious is a little at ease.

Weight loss is fine 1 pound down which is great being that I have had no time to work out. Holli's activites and looking for a new place has really gotten my schedule off. I have narrowed my search down to 2 apartments and the duplex. So I need to compare and decide.

Well that's about it.


Kimberly said...

we had so much fun!
Thats great about Hollis dad! I hope he keeps it up

Aisha said...

Glad Holli had a good time with her dad! Keep up the work on your weight loss girl. I am with you on this. We are gonna be some skinny you know whats soon!