Monday, November 24, 2008

How important is matching?

Holli was getting dressed. She has on Jeans and a really cute mint green sweater. She is wearing sneakers that look like ballet slippers and turquoise socks that show thru the strap on her sneakers.

Our conversation
Me- Are you sure you want to wear those socks?
Holli - Yes
Me - Do you think they match your outfit

Holli - They match my bedroom

Me- okay, carry on

:) Yep that’s my child

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A song for Obama

The Diva truly is excited about our 44th President Barrack Obama. I have to admit she was on board when he was in the primary and I couldn't make up my mind between him and Senator Clinton. The Diva has ALWAYS wanted President - elect Obama in the White House. She is excited when she sees him on tv, magazine covers and any mention of gis name. I was getting dressed one morning and heard her at her tiny piano and there she was singing her heart out to him in the toy room.



Monday, November 10, 2008

It's on you!

So the Dad and I got into a huge fight over the weekend. Now looking back I was the one actually fighting and pissed off. I hate to sound like an old clique but it really was major PMS. I was tired, ornery and I really could not figure out why until Aunt Flo showed up 5 days early then the light bulb went off...that's why I am being such an unreasonable B. It was no all bad. He was bringing money for one of Holli's activities and actually expected him to meet him at 10:00 pm on Saturday. I told him No and hung the phone up. He was trying to explain why he needed to meet me so late, but again I continued to scream that I was not taking our 6 year old daughter out in the middle of the night. He had said he was going to do xyz so I told him It's on you and hung up the phone.

So Sunday morning he calls and just says I am going to come to you. WOW for once I don't have to drag our child out because of his schedule. He drives to our home, a house he has never been to even though we have lived here 6 months. He gets her and gets the tour and goes on and on about how much easier it was to get here than our old apartment. So does this mean he will start seeing his daughter. I doubt it. he still loves to use his part time job as an excuse for not being a part of his child's life. Holli was excited to see him of course. She showed him her room, her toy room, her book bag. she got pretend food out to serve him. I watched and wondered at what age will she stop giving him the unconditional love. I wonder when will she start not wanting to have anything to do with him because he is never around. I hurt for her because she is such a wonderful full of life little girl. She deserves a father who is there for her.

Looking back on yesterday I wonder if I had been my usual reasonable self would the the weekend have played out differently. Would I have had to drag my child out of bed early to meet him or would he still took the time to drive over here and realize we are not that far from him. I am glad my daughter had the 30 minutes with her Dad. It was good for her and she actually did not mention missing him today. Maybe being a out of control bitch sometimes is not a bad thing....:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Dangers of Plastic Bags

Help solve a global problem by giving up this one little convenience.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a new president!!!


OMG! Barack Obama is our President Elect. 40 odd years our country was in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. School children were being cursed at in Arkansas for trying to integrate a school, dogs and fire hoses turned on to peaceful protesters, people were killed for registering black votes, poll taxes, rights denied and now we have our first non white president. I am proud and happy in many ways. We now have a Democrat in the office. We have someone who is leveled headed and knows that the entire world is watching him and the decisions he makes. I am sure that he knows that he unfairly has the weight of a whole race on his shoulders. Our young black men have no excuse to look up to the hoodrats anymore! You can be anything you want young men and women of color - No Excuses!!!! Damn it we have a an educated well qualified, got his shit together BLACK president. Now listen to the Jefferson theme music play in the background - lol.

The poor Diva crashed before it was official. She has been telling me for a week that Barack Obama was going to be the President. She was so convinced that she told me that she was wearing her Vote hat to school on Friday for hat day because she had voted for the next president. Oh the faith of children. When we got home this evening and I turned on the tv we saw the first set of electoral votes. Holli was like did he Barack Obama lose. I told her No sweetie we have a long night ahead of us.We will know tomorrow. I was wrong. We knew at 10 pm. I can't wait to tell her in the morning.

I would also like to say I was impressed by John McCain's speech this evening. It was eloquent and dignified.

Election Day

Today our country will have either our first black president or a female vice president. Now those of you that know me know exactly how I voted. There was no way I could support Sarah Palin. It would not have mattered if she was black, brown, purple or pink. What get me so excited about this particular election besides that it’s history in the making, but how excited The Diva has been throughout this process. She got to vote at school and told be very proudly she voted for Barak Obama although he lost at the school election. She loved being in the voting booth with me when I did early voting and although I had to tell her to be quiet a couple of time about how we should vote in the polling place. She did very well and grabbed an I voted sticker on the way out. She then saw on Nickelodeon that Barak Obama had won and she was saying Barak Obama is the next president. I had to explain to her that the adults actually pick who the president and we would find out on Tuesday.

So this morning she woke and told me today is Tuesday we find out that Barak Obama is the president. You gotta love her.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The part time job

One of my co-workers is divorced from his first wife and now has a 2nd family with 2 children. He recently bought a new house plus he has 2 additional children. He mentioned in passing that the Attorney General's office is now trying to get a percentage of the money he makes from that. I said why not. He was all like that is not fair. I said in my situation then yes, her father if I could get it would have to pay money from his part time job. He does not pay half as much as I do for the care of our daughter (BTW he has a part time job that he makes quite a bit of money from, but the AG's office says they can't go after it because it's paid in cash. I bet if I got any kind of goverment assistance they would) My co-workers said, but that's because you have your daughter in a bunch of extra curricular activities. Now that gave me a pause...why would I not want my child to participate in activites, to gain confidence, to be a well rounded individual. As much as my child's father does irritate me in his lack of particption in his child's life. I am so glad that he does he does believe and supports our daughter participating in these activites. He does not attend a single event, but he does help out financially. I take that back I got him to attend one dance program and I swear he fell asleep during the event. All I can do is let him know the date and time of when she is doing what. It's on him if he shows up or not.

Speaking of extra curricular activites - I am now enrolling Holli in a Cheer Class and tumblig Class to get ready for our Christmas Classic in December. I am hoping to have her know how to do a herky and know how to do a perfect cartwheel by then. I hope I am not putting too much pressure on. She seems to enjoy it while she's there, but she hates to practice at home. I don't know if this is normal or does it mean she really does not want to do the competive cheer anymore. After Christmas, I guess we will discuss it and see what she thinks. She will aslo be doing 2 classes of ballet and tap in Nov and Dec- that she does not have option on. She will have to finish out the school year and then we will revisit in the fall. I plan to let her play indoor soccer this summer and take swimming.

I really hope I am not pushing her. I just hope that by having her always active she will not have the weight problem that I do.

Parent-Teacher Conference & Halloween

I had my first parent-teacher conference with The Diva's Kinder Techer, Ms. Dearman.
It went wel. Ms. Dearman says Holli is a little ray of sunshine who has lots of friends. She also said she is performing above level in reading. She is writing complete sentences in her journal and Math skills are great. Ms. Dearman plans to recommend her for the Gifted & Talented program that begins in 1st grade. Go Diva.

For Halloween this year I gave Holli the choice to go the the Fall Festival at Prestonwood Church, which he had done before or walk the neighborhood. She chose to walk the neighborhood and it gave us a chance to meet some of the neighbors on our street. We ended the evening going to the Trunk or Treat hosted my our area churches and we had a blast. I tried to get a couple of pics of Holli as the Metallic Copper Fairy, but my camera jsut would not cooperate. A new camera is going on my wish list.