Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today our country will have either our first black president or a female vice president. Now those of you that know me know exactly how I voted. There was no way I could support Sarah Palin. It would not have mattered if she was black, brown, purple or pink. What get me so excited about this particular election besides that it’s history in the making, but how excited The Diva has been throughout this process. She got to vote at school and told be very proudly she voted for Barak Obama although he lost at the school election. She loved being in the voting booth with me when I did early voting and although I had to tell her to be quiet a couple of time about how we should vote in the polling place. She did very well and grabbed an I voted sticker on the way out. She then saw on Nickelodeon that Barak Obama had won and she was saying Barak Obama is the next president. I had to explain to her that the adults actually pick who the president and we would find out on Tuesday.

So this morning she woke and told me today is Tuesday we find out that Barak Obama is the president. You gotta love her.

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