Monday, November 10, 2008

It's on you!

So the Dad and I got into a huge fight over the weekend. Now looking back I was the one actually fighting and pissed off. I hate to sound like an old clique but it really was major PMS. I was tired, ornery and I really could not figure out why until Aunt Flo showed up 5 days early then the light bulb went off...that's why I am being such an unreasonable B. It was no all bad. He was bringing money for one of Holli's activities and actually expected him to meet him at 10:00 pm on Saturday. I told him No and hung the phone up. He was trying to explain why he needed to meet me so late, but again I continued to scream that I was not taking our 6 year old daughter out in the middle of the night. He had said he was going to do xyz so I told him It's on you and hung up the phone.

So Sunday morning he calls and just says I am going to come to you. WOW for once I don't have to drag our child out because of his schedule. He drives to our home, a house he has never been to even though we have lived here 6 months. He gets her and gets the tour and goes on and on about how much easier it was to get here than our old apartment. So does this mean he will start seeing his daughter. I doubt it. he still loves to use his part time job as an excuse for not being a part of his child's life. Holli was excited to see him of course. She showed him her room, her toy room, her book bag. she got pretend food out to serve him. I watched and wondered at what age will she stop giving him the unconditional love. I wonder when will she start not wanting to have anything to do with him because he is never around. I hurt for her because she is such a wonderful full of life little girl. She deserves a father who is there for her.

Looking back on yesterday I wonder if I had been my usual reasonable self would the the weekend have played out differently. Would I have had to drag my child out of bed early to meet him or would he still took the time to drive over here and realize we are not that far from him. I am glad my daughter had the 30 minutes with her Dad. It was good for her and she actually did not mention missing him today. Maybe being a out of control bitch sometimes is not a bad thing....:)

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