Sunday, November 2, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conference & Halloween

I had my first parent-teacher conference with The Diva's Kinder Techer, Ms. Dearman.
It went wel. Ms. Dearman says Holli is a little ray of sunshine who has lots of friends. She also said she is performing above level in reading. She is writing complete sentences in her journal and Math skills are great. Ms. Dearman plans to recommend her for the Gifted & Talented program that begins in 1st grade. Go Diva.

For Halloween this year I gave Holli the choice to go the the Fall Festival at Prestonwood Church, which he had done before or walk the neighborhood. She chose to walk the neighborhood and it gave us a chance to meet some of the neighbors on our street. We ended the evening going to the Trunk or Treat hosted my our area churches and we had a blast. I tried to get a couple of pics of Holli as the Metallic Copper Fairy, but my camera jsut would not cooperate. A new camera is going on my wish list.

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