Sunday, November 2, 2008

The part time job

One of my co-workers is divorced from his first wife and now has a 2nd family with 2 children. He recently bought a new house plus he has 2 additional children. He mentioned in passing that the Attorney General's office is now trying to get a percentage of the money he makes from that. I said why not. He was all like that is not fair. I said in my situation then yes, her father if I could get it would have to pay money from his part time job. He does not pay half as much as I do for the care of our daughter (BTW he has a part time job that he makes quite a bit of money from, but the AG's office says they can't go after it because it's paid in cash. I bet if I got any kind of goverment assistance they would) My co-workers said, but that's because you have your daughter in a bunch of extra curricular activities. Now that gave me a pause...why would I not want my child to participate in activites, to gain confidence, to be a well rounded individual. As much as my child's father does irritate me in his lack of particption in his child's life. I am so glad that he does he does believe and supports our daughter participating in these activites. He does not attend a single event, but he does help out financially. I take that back I got him to attend one dance program and I swear he fell asleep during the event. All I can do is let him know the date and time of when she is doing what. It's on him if he shows up or not.

Speaking of extra curricular activites - I am now enrolling Holli in a Cheer Class and tumblig Class to get ready for our Christmas Classic in December. I am hoping to have her know how to do a herky and know how to do a perfect cartwheel by then. I hope I am not putting too much pressure on. She seems to enjoy it while she's there, but she hates to practice at home. I don't know if this is normal or does it mean she really does not want to do the competive cheer anymore. After Christmas, I guess we will discuss it and see what she thinks. She will aslo be doing 2 classes of ballet and tap in Nov and Dec- that she does not have option on. She will have to finish out the school year and then we will revisit in the fall. I plan to let her play indoor soccer this summer and take swimming.

I really hope I am not pushing her. I just hope that by having her always active she will not have the weight problem that I do.

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