Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a new president!!!


OMG! Barack Obama is our President Elect. 40 odd years our country was in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. School children were being cursed at in Arkansas for trying to integrate a school, dogs and fire hoses turned on to peaceful protesters, people were killed for registering black votes, poll taxes, rights denied and now we have our first non white president. I am proud and happy in many ways. We now have a Democrat in the office. We have someone who is leveled headed and knows that the entire world is watching him and the decisions he makes. I am sure that he knows that he unfairly has the weight of a whole race on his shoulders. Our young black men have no excuse to look up to the hoodrats anymore! You can be anything you want young men and women of color - No Excuses!!!! Damn it we have a an educated well qualified, got his shit together BLACK president. Now listen to the Jefferson theme music play in the background - lol.

The poor Diva crashed before it was official. She has been telling me for a week that Barack Obama was going to be the President. She was so convinced that she told me that she was wearing her Vote hat to school on Friday for hat day because she had voted for the next president. Oh the faith of children. When we got home this evening and I turned on the tv we saw the first set of electoral votes. Holli was like did he Barack Obama lose. I told her No sweetie we have a long night ahead of us.We will know tomorrow. I was wrong. We knew at 10 pm. I can't wait to tell her in the morning.

I would also like to say I was impressed by John McCain's speech this evening. It was eloquent and dignified.

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Kris said...

Both men gave excellent speeches, I was impressed!