Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

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So Holli's father and I have been really working on getting along. So this Christmas I asked him would he actually be here to see his child Christmas morning instead of seeing her a couple of days later in a parking lot.

He shows up at 4:30 am Christmas Morning with a huge bag of gifts and we sleep (well sort of :) ) until she wakes up at 8:30 or so. I was able to get a Wii & Wii fit for myself and Holli, a friend's Mom won 2 on ebay and said I could pay a little each month for it so yeah!!!

So Holli opens the Wii and goes what's this. I tell her it's a Wii and she says It's not a Nitendo DS. She then opens an outfit from her Dad. She opens up bratz stuff from her Dad, She opens up the American girl Doll and still No reaction whatsoever from Holli. None, nadda. She opens up a package and sees colored pencils and markers and go OH MY Goodness this is just what I wanted. She then opens up coloring books and heads to the table to color. We then get her back to finish her gifts (her Dad bought her alot of stuff). She opens the Nitendo DS and her game. (no reaction) Opens her stocking and see her HM lipstick and lets out another yell. So basically we could have bought her off with some crayola products and lip gloss. Don't you just love kids.

Alvin then keeps his word to her and takes her to his Mom's house for Christmas so she can have enjoy the holiday with his family. So I went and hung out with my best friend and he brings Holli to her house around 10 pm. She took her Nitendo to her grandmother's house and her brother showed her out to work the game. So she is now loving that toy and wants another game to figure out. I got to have some actual adult time with my friend and she made roast beef and all the fixins So all and all we had a pretty good Christmas.

Wanted to add that it was hilarious watching Alvin walk around with a coat on in our house. I keep it around 68 degrees. I guess holli and I are sue to it because wea re fine, but others come in and act like they are at the North Pole. Heat drys out holli's skin and make her eczema act up so cool air is best plus I am cheap and don't want an outrageous electric bill.

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Aisha said...

I know I won't be visiting while it's cold! LOL! You know how hot I like my house.