Friday, January 2, 2009

Amy B - Thank you for your kindess

Monday, Holli and I took her Barbie Mariposa doll back to Wally World because the wings did not work. So we are then in line at the Mickey D's attached to the store and Holli is going on and on about her doll. Another Mom with 3 kids ask Holli does she have the movie. Holli tells her no, but she has seen it. She then asks me can she send me a copy of the movie. She says her MIL buys every single kids movies that comes out and her kids really didn't like the movie. I say ok, give her our address and then think, if the heffa does not mail the movie I am going to have to go out and buy one.

The movie came in the mail today. So Amy B thank you so much for your kindess, Holli has made you a thank you note and we are mailing it out tomorrow.

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blissfullysimple said...

Thank you Amy B!!!!!!