Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day In History

Today our 44th President Barack H Obama was sworn in. No matter what your politics you could not help but be swept up in today's event. I bet Washington DC at the moment is creating enough energy to light up a couple cities. I loved the fact at work we were all watching the events on our computers and we stood up as our new President was being sworn in. We got to see history being made. We have young and old, black, white, hispanic, asian, native american, gay or straight all caught up in the excitement. We have a sense of hope of what the future can be in spite of the problems we face as a nation. We can believe that tomorrow is better. This is the change we as a country needed. Some say it's like the Kennedy era especially since our President has young children. I think it's good. As a parent, especially of young children your world is devoted to them so I believe that we have a President who will be looking our for my daughter's future. He will make policies that will help her reach her goals. I also love the fact that they let their daughter's be kids. The media is showing pictures of Sasha being a kid. Silly and all. She is the little sister, baby of the family. I hope she does not lose that over the next 4..ahem 8 years. We see Malia quiet, but studying all around her. She's a smart one. Although we have a facination with them. I truly hope the media leaves them alone and lets them be kids.

I am now praying for our country and for our President. I hope that we can get back on track, our economy stabilizes, my 401k gets back the money it lost, we bring the troops home, we are not the enemy of the rest of the world, that gays are allowed to have their own pursuit of happiness.

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