Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Minute Parent-Teacher Conference & Book Fair

Today I had a Parent-Teacher conference with Ms. Dearman (I just love her) She really did not have much to say. Holli is a Kindergartner who has been at a First grade level since before Christmas. Holli is a self motivator and pretty much wants to learn, researches the subject and gives herself homework. Ms. Dearman gave me a list of words Holli should know by the end of 1st grade and then added that Holli probably knew most of them. She knew every word, but would. So her advice for me was to continue doing what I have been doing. I feel so guilty when people tell me how wonderful she is doing because I know I have really nothing to do with her being so smart.I provide the tools, but I don't sit with her or anything. I tell her to read her books and I spell out the words she does not know when she is making her 100th book of the day. I am so blessed and I hope this love of learning continues.

I also had the pleasure of working the Book Fair today. Little kids like to touch everything. EVERYTHING even if they are not buying it. They also like to talk and ask alot of questions. They also want to tell you about why they like this book. All of them. Every grade level. They are loud. I now know my child is normal in an annoying way. :) Anyway Holli was so excited I was at her school and she got to be a walker, which meant your parent picked you up or in her case she was dropped off at the library. I wish I could be home and be a volunteer at her school. I know that is important to her and I would love to be that mom. I know that would make her so happy, but that is not in the cards at the moment. Hopefully one day soon I will win some lottery money, not going to hold my breath on the husband.

Hot New Restaurant in Town

Holli played restaurant ALL weekend. I was there yesterday and she told me I should come today since they are showing Hello Kitty for movie night

I told her I was not sure if I could come or not. She said okay, but I need your credit card because I still need to run your credit card even if you don't come.

WTH... :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Mommy Lost it

It was such a sad morning at Diva Land today. Holli has taken to playing with my shoes as kids do. Last night she was in my shoes and did not put them by the door as I told her to do when she finished with them. so this morning we are leaving with barely a minute to spare and my shoes are not by the door and I lose it. Holli is now crying as I am yelling at her to find my shoes and ask her where did she leave them, which as we all know that you cannot think as someone is yelling at you. I know the morning would have been completely different if I if I had gotten up earlier and was not trying to rush out the door. I would have gotten up earlier if I had not went to bed at 1:30 am. If I went to bed earlier I would not always be tired and not resort to take out for lunch and dinner. If I stopped resorting to take out for lunch I would have more money to have more than 1 favorite pair of shoes that fit wonderfully. If I had more than 1 pair of favorite shoes, I would ahve worn another pair and told Holli to find my shoes when she got home and IF I would do that one simple things we would have had a calmer morning.

So yes my 6 yr old should have put my shoes back where she found them, but the real problem lies with me. I must start going to bed at a decent hour. I must go to the doctor and get something for my aniexty so I can stop tossing and turning and go to sleep. Sleep is the answer. So this evening I am going to apologize to the Diva because no one should have to start their morning off getting yelled at.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilliana

We finally got an invite to a classmates birthday party and so we headed over to Lilliana for a her "6th" birthday party. I keep forgetting Holli is a year older than most of her classamtes. I had a blast. I got to meet 3 of her classmates Moms and we made plans for the kids to hang out together and go to the park. It will be great to have some friends in the neighborhood. I would love for Holli to phave playmates she can hang out with. I can't wait

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009

So no wild trips to the coast, just nice and relaxing. So far the Diva and I have been to the park to fly her kite, bought me some new hair hung out at Ikea complete with face painting and wash,dried and folded 7 loads of laundry. I have read books and Holli has watch enough of Noggin for the year. She is really enjoying staying up late. tomorrow I plan to take her to Going Bonkers and let her have some fun and then back to the house for a major master bedroom clean up. I then plan to spend Saturday enjoying a viewing of Twilight. I am a little late to the party, but I have so enjoyed reading all 4 versions of the book the past few weeks. I hope the movie does not let me down. We have been chilling and relaxing.

The only sad spot on this week of course came from The Diva Father. He texts me Tuesday and goes can I come get littlebit Wed and Thurs. I am shocked thinking hmmm maybe this not speaking to each other for 3 weeks has made him miss his daughter. So I reply back yes, what time... 4 hours pass and he texts back. I will call you later and let you know Kyndra is here. Mystery solved. The diva's older sister is in town and she wants to see her. Oh well. I am looking forward to some me time for me and for The Diva to have some time with her older sister. I do not tell my daughter her father is coming to get her because he will change his mind and think nothing of it and the fact that he is hurting a child. We get up, get dressed and I decide to start my cleaning thinking that I can window shop after he picks her up. Time passes and still no Father, no phone call. I reread the text message to see if I got it wrong. Nope, he flaked out on her. Oh well maybe he will show up on Thursday. We get up have breakfast and I decide to make plans for us to get out of the house, if he wants her he can always reach me on my cell phone. So we get out and have some fun, still no phone call, no text nothing. I call my bestfriend to get some support. She has a theory that her father does this nonsense to get a rise out of me and then he can use his usual line of well if you cannot not be nice then I will not come around at all... So I don't call. I don't text. I ignore. I decided in February that I was going to let go and let God so I just exhaled. I have no idea why The diva's father would call and make plans to get her and then not even give me the common courtesy of saying he could not make it. I know that if I was to call he would throw all of this back on me. I am being mean. I can't talk to him this way yadda, yadda, yadda. I do know that I am tired of it. I am tired of the drama so I am going to continue as I had decided in February. I am not going to expect any more of him than what the state of TX has forced him to do. Pay child support and pay health ins. If he fails to do any either ne of those. I will let the state of TX handle it.

Well off to clean the kitchen and finish washing blankets. Trying to get the house all nice and clean so I can watch Twilight on Saturday and not feel guilty.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Diva's Kinder Program

Holli had her Kinder Program and Open house last night. The Kinder program had been cancelled earlier. At the begining of the program 2 weeks ago a floor polisher started overheating and the smoke alarms went off so unfortanely the program had to be cancelled and rescheduled. Holli was chosen to be the narrator and did a wonderful job. I was so proud of her. She had so much poise and confidence and it showed

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

The Diva was very excited about Dr. Seuss' birthday and the fact that he is going to eat green eggs and ham at school today. Of course my little artist drew a picture to celebrate the occassion.

Dr. Seus