Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Mommy Lost it

It was such a sad morning at Diva Land today. Holli has taken to playing with my shoes as kids do. Last night she was in my shoes and did not put them by the door as I told her to do when she finished with them. so this morning we are leaving with barely a minute to spare and my shoes are not by the door and I lose it. Holli is now crying as I am yelling at her to find my shoes and ask her where did she leave them, which as we all know that you cannot think as someone is yelling at you. I know the morning would have been completely different if I if I had gotten up earlier and was not trying to rush out the door. I would have gotten up earlier if I had not went to bed at 1:30 am. If I went to bed earlier I would not always be tired and not resort to take out for lunch and dinner. If I stopped resorting to take out for lunch I would have more money to have more than 1 favorite pair of shoes that fit wonderfully. If I had more than 1 pair of favorite shoes, I would ahve worn another pair and told Holli to find my shoes when she got home and IF I would do that one simple things we would have had a calmer morning.

So yes my 6 yr old should have put my shoes back where she found them, but the real problem lies with me. I must start going to bed at a decent hour. I must go to the doctor and get something for my aniexty so I can stop tossing and turning and go to sleep. Sleep is the answer. So this evening I am going to apologize to the Diva because no one should have to start their morning off getting yelled at.

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