Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009

So no wild trips to the coast, just nice and relaxing. So far the Diva and I have been to the park to fly her kite, bought me some new hair hung out at Ikea complete with face painting and wash,dried and folded 7 loads of laundry. I have read books and Holli has watch enough of Noggin for the year. She is really enjoying staying up late. tomorrow I plan to take her to Going Bonkers and let her have some fun and then back to the house for a major master bedroom clean up. I then plan to spend Saturday enjoying a viewing of Twilight. I am a little late to the party, but I have so enjoyed reading all 4 versions of the book the past few weeks. I hope the movie does not let me down. We have been chilling and relaxing.

The only sad spot on this week of course came from The Diva Father. He texts me Tuesday and goes can I come get littlebit Wed and Thurs. I am shocked thinking hmmm maybe this not speaking to each other for 3 weeks has made him miss his daughter. So I reply back yes, what time... 4 hours pass and he texts back. I will call you later and let you know Kyndra is here. Mystery solved. The diva's older sister is in town and she wants to see her. Oh well. I am looking forward to some me time for me and for The Diva to have some time with her older sister. I do not tell my daughter her father is coming to get her because he will change his mind and think nothing of it and the fact that he is hurting a child. We get up, get dressed and I decide to start my cleaning thinking that I can window shop after he picks her up. Time passes and still no Father, no phone call. I reread the text message to see if I got it wrong. Nope, he flaked out on her. Oh well maybe he will show up on Thursday. We get up have breakfast and I decide to make plans for us to get out of the house, if he wants her he can always reach me on my cell phone. So we get out and have some fun, still no phone call, no text nothing. I call my bestfriend to get some support. She has a theory that her father does this nonsense to get a rise out of me and then he can use his usual line of well if you cannot not be nice then I will not come around at all... So I don't call. I don't text. I ignore. I decided in February that I was going to let go and let God so I just exhaled. I have no idea why The diva's father would call and make plans to get her and then not even give me the common courtesy of saying he could not make it. I know that if I was to call he would throw all of this back on me. I am being mean. I can't talk to him this way yadda, yadda, yadda. I do know that I am tired of it. I am tired of the drama so I am going to continue as I had decided in February. I am not going to expect any more of him than what the state of TX has forced him to do. Pay child support and pay health ins. If he fails to do any either ne of those. I will let the state of TX handle it.

Well off to clean the kitchen and finish washing blankets. Trying to get the house all nice and clean so I can watch Twilight on Saturday and not feel guilty.

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