Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter

At first I was really sad about Easter. We did not buy new clothes, did not have a huge family meal planned, it was going to rain, we had not colored eggs and I did not get to take Holli to the huge egg hunt given by the city.

The diva and I went to a local church in The Colony called Horizons. We had went to their Egg Hunt on Saturday and decided to check them out. She wore a dress we had gotten last year, but had only wore once or twice and I made a small dinner for just the two us.

Holli loved Easter. She saw a classmate at the small egg hunt held on Saturday. She saw a different classmate at the church. The Easter Bunny visited. She loved dinner. She did not want to color the eggs and her Dad left her a gift outside our door. For me - The church had coffee and great muffins, no embarassing the new people, every one was dressed casually and I came home and sat at the table to eat dinner with my daughter instead of in front of the tv.

So all the things I was worried about "doing" for Easter because I did not have alot of money in the end really different matter.

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