Monday, July 20, 2009


Well the Diva is in Lubbock this week with her Dad. I know amazing huh. She will be 7 in September and this is the first time he has had her overnight, much less for a week. Unfornatley I don't think it was some intervention from God or he was so upset that his daughter told him "see you a Christmas" on Father's day he decided to step up to the plate. He agreed in April to help pay for summer care. This was his week and so since he is staying in Lubbock with a friend he decided he would take the Diva with him.

I am so happy for Holli because she gets to spend some real time with her sisters. She hates being an only child on my side so I am afraid she may not want to come home. I hope he decides to take her back in August also.

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