Monday, July 6, 2009

Just a little update

Holli just came back from a week at Paw Paw and Pooka's. I love it because Pooka send back a suitcase full of clean clothes. She actually stayed the week and said she had fun so that is a big step for her because usually she hates it.
Her cousin has been a little mean to her, but Holli is so forgiving she lets it falls off of her. She had a melt down in the car when the cousin would not give her the DS back. I am now talking to her about not whining, but speaking very clearly about what she wants. If she wants her toy back she needs to say it in a very clear tone.

She started a new daycare today. I thought we would have problems, but her friend Ellie was there so she left and did not say a word to me.

I worked on her room a little bit and hope to do a little more this week since she will be at VBS in the evenings.

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