Monday, July 13, 2009

The Perfect Daycare

One of Holli's classmates suggested I take Holli to her registered home daycare provider in March because the Diva was in the after school program and they closed when the school was closed and I had to take off or find alternative care. Me who "was" very prejudiced against a home daycare and found another daycare. Holli hated it from day one. She hated it. She told her teacher she hated. It was not that she was mistreated or abused she just did not mesh well with the teacher or other kids, a problem she had never had before. I even talked with the Director, who was very nice etc. I kept thinking I should change her, but it was $170 a month. That is an awesome price and as a single mom I have to watch not just my dollars, but pennies also. Well summer comes along and Holli still hates it even with all the fun activities they are doing so I decide to look into different care. I called the homedaycare and I really liked her from the begining. Well this morning started Holli's second week there and at 7:00 am (We leave the house at 7:45am) Holli informs me she is ready to go and she is going to go sit in the car. I had to practically drag her out the door to get her to go to the daycare before and then she clung to me. Now she leaves me at the door without even a goodbye.

So now my child is doing fewer activites with the homedaycare and it $25 cheaper a week. It will be $17 more a week than summer, but it so worth it.

Note to self - a great deal is not always the best deal.

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