Friday, August 28, 2009

The aftermath

I am at my wits end with my family. They have me so mad I could spit nails.

After dumbass decided to not return my child I retaliated and hung signs on his door calling him a liar, coward and a tattletale since his 51 year old behind runs and tells my mother everything I do and say.

Dumbass called my Mother and had her so upset Monday telling her that he was never going to do anything for Holli and was not going to buy her a birthday gift, but then he called her back and decided he was his daughter a birthday present (mind you he has never remembered her birthday before and I had to remind him) so now my mother says he is trying to be a good Father. My Mother told him that I must be acting like this because I am menopausal and need hormones. It has nothing to do with the fact that he lied to me about helping pay for summer child care and not returning my child to me on August 16, 2009. That was just a misunderstanding...I guess I am such a horrible mother I forgot my child would not be coming home for 10 damn days

Now to add insult to injury..... Dumbass has decided that since I have upset him so much for hanging the fliers on his door he cannot talk to me again so now when he needs to tell me something he will call my Mom. My Mom will call me and I can give my reply back to her and then she will tell dumbass my response. My Mother has agreed to this. I told her she had to be kidding. Also since he is so upset with me he is going to mail my Mother The Diva's birthday present(the both live in the same city) and then my Mother will mail the gift to Holli or bring it to her. I told my mother that she was enabling that fool to act childish and immature. I talked with my sister and she said that Mom was just looking out for Holli so that is why she wanted to make sure she got a birthday gift. She is not going to be angry with dumbass like I am. Are they serious? He spends no time with her, he does not attend her school functions, he stood her up for the Father/Daughter dance, he does not visit when she sick, when her school closed because of the swine flu scare he would not use a day of his personal time to watch his child causing me to have to use my days, he works for the school district and I have to pay extra for child care because he want watch her during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break, but it's important that she gets another Bratz doll and a $10 McDonald's gift certificate. I told them both I was throwing the crap in the trash.

So now according to my family I am the bad guy being unreasonable and dumbass should be nominated for fucking Father of the year because he bought his child a pair of sneakers and is going to get her a birthday present. I am thru with all of them.

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