Monday, August 17, 2009

Do not look good in orange jumpsuits (repeat 20 times)

Guess what asswipe decided to do this time. I am going to just copy and paste the email I sent to a friend. She had asked me if I needed help hiding a body.


You know Gail call and asked if Holli could go to the Selmon family reuion with her and Reid. She picked up Holli on Thursday and they were supposed to be back on Sunday around lunch time. I told Gail to just call me when they got back and I would meet her somewhere.

Sunday around 3 pm I had not heard from anyone so I am calling Gail and leaving messages. Not panic, but concerned. I leave another message at 5:30 and decide that I will give an hour before I start blowing up phones. At 6:15 Gail sends me a text and says Holli is with her Grandma. No big deal it made sense for her to come back with them.

So I call Ms. Selmon on her cell and ask her are they back. She says they have been back I say Oh well I will be at your house in about an hour to pick up Holli.

Ms. Selmon goes What? Bubba said Holli was staying here for the week (this is his week to pay for summer child care) didn?t he tell you. I tell her Alvin has not talked to me in 2 weeks and No I did not know or agree to have Holli stay at your house for the week.

I get to Ms. Selmon's house and Holli runs down the stairs upset and goes Mommy, Did you come to take me home. I go yes go get your stuff. She goes Dimaya said I wasn?t going home I had to stay the night here. I ask Holli if her Dad had told her that she was going to her Granny?s house. Holli goes no, we were driving and we stopped and then my Dad told me to get in the car with my Aunt Kersten. I thought they were bringing me back to The Colony, but they brought me to my Granny?s house and then you did not come to pick me up and then Dimaya said I had to stay here. Mommy I want to go home."

I guess at that point my head started spinning and I was foaming at the mouth because Kersten was standing in front of me with her hands up saying we didn?t know, we didn?t know.

So they get help get Holli?s stuff together and Kersten goes well Bubba did buy her some shoes see. I am keeping my mouth close because I am furious and need to calm down so I just go uh huh okay

I texted Gail and told her that she called ME to pick up Holli and when she left with my child it was my understanding that she would be bringing my child back to ME and if there were any changes to that plan I trusted her to keep ME informed. I have not heard back from her.

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