Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Baby Girl

My little one turned 7 today. I am surprised you have not heard it because she has told everyone that makes eye contact with her that her birthday is September 25 and she will be 7 yrs old. We woke up this morning with our tradition Birthday Tickle (I don't spank even for a play spank) and she is off. She went to the kitchen for breakfast. She saw the gifts on the table and asked who's presents. Silly girl today is your day. I got her tons of clothes (never go to Target without a list of what you want) a Little Pony and a Little Pet Shop Game. Tonight we are going roller skating, yes I am terrified and then tomorrow we are going to Build A Bear and Ikea (her 2 favorite places) We are going to finish out the birthday weekend with a playdate with her friend Ellie. Mommy will be tired and pockets will be a little lighter but how many times does your Baby Girl turn 7. Her birthday bash is planned for Oct 10. I know some think it' strange to have her party 2 weeks after her birthday, but I like for birthday to be just a celebration we me and the diva at least for now. I am sure when she hits the tweens it will be about her friends, but right now she thinks I am pretty cool and I plan to take advantage of it.

Gotta remember to take another picture with the camera. My camera phone picture is to blurry.

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E said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That sounds like just about the best 7th Bday EVER!

Willow will be 7 on 9/30, and I will be 39 on 10/1, but I will not be telling everyone who makes eye contact with me about MY birthday. LOL