Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Child Support Review

I got a letter from the AG's office saying stating I have a child support review hearing. I wonder if The Diva's Father is finally making some money. It will be good to get more than $175 a month in child support. Too bad the meeting is not until Dec 3 and I don't think that they will have time to add the increase by the December's check. Since we are still not speaking to each other, I doubt he will mention changing the health insurance back to my plan instead of his so that's a headache I don't have to deal with.

In other news, The Diva has been so clingy lately. I have no idea what's going on. I know I have been grumpy because of drama going on at work, but I do my best to not take work and all of it's bs home with me. She has also not been obeying and whining so I am not sure if it's growing pains or her doing anything to get some attention from me. The Diva has always been such a mature independent creature I guess I forget sometimes.

This weekend is her birthday party and I am pretty sure I am going to be horrible Mom of the year because I am not doing goody bags with all that crap in them. I have popcorn balls, fruit snacks and I am going to the store to grab some pencils and whistles to give away, but the kiddos will not be leaving with a sack of junk that breaks 5 minutes later.

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