Thursday, October 22, 2009

An update

October has been a crazy month...

We finally had the Diva's birthday party. She had a blast. We had it at a little pocket park down the street from a friend's house. The kid's ran around and played and some even made a couple of bookmarks (you know how anti goody bag I am) My camera did not work, but a friend took some pictures. I need to ask her for them so I can post. I am a little ticked that none of my family showed up, but it is what it is.

The last couple of days have been stressfull. My Dad went in to get a stent put in his heart. Doctor said it was very routine and he would be home that evening. Instead they found 3 arties that were blocked and now we are waiting for him to be scheduled for open heart surgery. So please keep him in your prayers

Work - Can I say I absolutely detest our HR lady and I don't think I am in the top 50on her list either. I am still praying that I find a new job or win the lottery soon. You know what I am lying...I am not praying for a new job. I want to win the lottery and not work at all. :) I don't even need alot just enough to pay off the house and stay home while the Diva is at school and summe camp. lol So I am off to buy my ticket for this Saturday's drawing. Wish me luck

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E said...

Good luck!!!

It IS pretty suckish that no one from your family showed. That's really too bad, but yeah, their choice, their loss.

I am sorry about your Dad and will continue to hold him in my thoughts.