Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We did our traditional head to my sister's house on Christmas Eve this year and because of a recent move by her family they are now in Denton, TX instead of Lake Dallas which is alot closer to me. As we were heading out it started to snow - WOW. We never have snow at Christmas in Texas. I later found out it had been 83 years since it had snowed on Christmas Day. I decided to still go. We did not visist with the family at Thanksgiving and it had been awhile since my Mom had seen Holli. So after prayers we headed out. I figured we were heading back home by 5:30 so no big deal.

We got to my sisters and it had really began to snow at her house since she was further North. We got there and the girls had a blast. We exchanged gifts. My Mom had brought a gift from Holli's father to give to her. Alvin had tld my mother he had a big bag of gifts for her and he did. He gave her a backpack fulll of school supplies that he had gotten free. The backpack and the supplies had a sticker with the State Farm Agent's who had been a sponsor. He also got her a little art kit, some bubble gum and a couple of candy canes. Yep, Dad of the year. Thankfully, Holli had so many other things the backpack was not even a blip for her. BIL and me played Seinfeld Scene It (yeah he beat me bad) and before you know it it was 8pm and the cars were covered with snow. Now the decision was do we leave and head home or stay and have the Diva miss out on Santa Claus bringing her gifts on Christmas morning. After alot of prayer, I decided to head out and if the roads were really bad we would just turn around. My Mom decided to do the same. I figured she would stay at my sister's house since she had alot further to go. Snow is alot easier to drive on than ice. :) So I did not have any problems with traction. The only very white knuckle part of the trip was crossing the Lewisville Bridge. It goes across a very big lake. I was driving 20 miles per hour, blinkers on and not allowing Holli to talk. I even turned off the radio so I completely concentrate. I got across and the closer I got to home the roads improved. I still drove carefully because I did not know if there was an ice patch or not. We got home and the driveway was frozen solid so I was only able to pull in far enough so the car was not in the street and we went in the house and prepared for Santa.

Holli woke up at almost 8 am and was off. She loved her wonderful presents, but those gifts did not compare to the snow that was covering the backyard. Her only wish for Christmas was for us to go out side, build a snowman, have a snow ball fight and make snow angels. I passed on the snow angel part, but we had a wonderful time with the other 2. :)

We left to get milk and movies and spent the day enjoying each other's company. since Holli had spent so much time outside in the snow she was fast asleep by 8pm so I got to watch the new Star Trek movie and National Treasure.

We had a wonderful holiday time. I would post pics but my phone cable broke and I have to order a new one.

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E said...

That sounds positively magical! I am so glad you had a SAFE and happy holiday!