Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009 and I am at work

Those that know me are probably shocked!. I never work Christmas. NEVER. I am always at home being lazy. This year because of so many days I had to take off because of my "female" problems, Holli illness and general I am sick of work days. Here I sit at work and amazingliny...It is not the end of the world. Holli is at Kidz Kamp at our recreation center having a blast and learning responsibility about money. I am at work with enough work to keep me busy, but plenty of time for my internet addiction. Christmas presents are bought, but not wrapped, but I never wrap early so it's no big deal. I will wrap tonight and finally have something under the tree.

As 2009 comes to an end I guess I will give an update before the end of year update

My Dad had open heart surgery and came thru with flying colors. Thank you everyone for our prayers.

I am still employed at a job that I am bored with , but I truly have some favorites among my co-workers.

Holli had her 1st ER visit. We had went to see Princess and the Frog that evening (Can I just say I LOVE that movie. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE and will explain in a few) I did not think she was feeling that great, but we had been talking up the movie for so long I did not want to disappoint her. Warning bell #1 should have been when she wanted water and not the Kid's Movie Pack. Warning Bell# 2 should have been when she wanted water after the movie but did not want to go out to eat.
I got my baby girl home after the movie and she was not hungry but thirsty and wanted to sleep in my bed. I put her to bed with a 103.7 fever with some Tylenol, canister of juice and some 24 hour cartoons. I called her doctor and was told to watch her. Her fever began to go down and I fell asleep to be woken by baby girl at 2:30 AM telling me she was thirsty, which was strange because she can go get water and I took her temperture which was 104. I just both of us dressed and went to the ER. I can't believe how my heart was beating in my chest. I was scared and I mean scared. Holli was such a trooper. She had to get an IV because she was very dehydrated, she had an UTI and the early stages of bronchitis. I am so glad I followed my 1st mind to just take her to the ER. I know there is an Urgent care center around here, but I could not remember where at the time. I need to make a note and post the directions on the fridge.

After our very tumultous summer. Holli's father and I are still not speaking, but we are not at each other's throat. We had an incident in October when his benefits office made a mistake and did not add her to his health insurance that we had words and he asked me for sex, but for the most part we have ignored each other until we had the Child Support Modification Hearing on December 3, 2009. He is still a coward and chose not to show up and face me. I got a raise and found out that he is required to pay 50% of all child care cost so much for him telling me that when he helps out with child care he is doing it out of the goodness of his heart. At the moment I am only going to require the Holiday and Summer childcare because that is what is keeping me in a bind. I am will be civil, reasonable and respectful if he will. Anyhoo, he did not go sign the paperwork so that the paperwork could be filed with the court and I sent him an email asking him did he seriously want to spend all day at a Dallas Courthouse and pay Court fees for an child support order that was going to be approved espescially since he did not bother to protest it or show up at the Modication hearing. He gave some excuse about not having the phone number to the AG's office. Seriously, you don't have the number for people taking money out of your pay check every month, people who can issue a warrant for you arrest. I blew him off with a It's your choice, your decision, have a nice day and I am praying for you. I believe he went in to sign the paperwork since I have not heard back from them. I am trying to start off 2010 with us being at least civil so I did send him an email about us being civil to each other. I guess time will tell.

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