Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Princess and the Frog

I loved Princess and the Frog so much that I decided to do a separate post.

Holli and I went to see Princess and the Frog on December 13, 2009. Holli was decked out in her favorite denim skirt, her purple Tiana t-shirt and her $16.50 Princess and the Frog tiara and off we went.

We were blessed with a Movie Gift card to a theater in Dallas so we did not see it in our neighborhood, but in Dallas.

We loved the movie and danced and be bopped to Dig a Little Deeper and even clapped at the end. I don't think the movie is going to be up for any Academy Awards, but as we were walking out of the movie theater. Holli goes "Mommy, thank you for taking me to see Princess and the Frog. I got to see a Princess that looks just like me." All I could think of at that moment was Thank You Disney. Some (critics and whatnot) are complaining about how the movie follows the Disney Princess formula of the Prince rescuing the girl at the end of the movie. Those comments piss me off. I keep thinking little black girls have plenty of role models of black women taking care of business and making it on their own. Let them believe that they can have a Prince and live happily ever after also. They complain that the Prince is not black. Come on people how many of you can even remember the Prince's name in any of the movies. How many little girls have asked for the Prince doll. The movie is not about the Prince. The Prince looked just like all other Disney Prince same features just different color skin and hair. I say Bravo to Disney for not making Naveen any different. We want our girls to have a Disney Princess Movie, not something different. We want our girls to see Tianna as Disney Princess, yes one that looks like them,but still a Disney Princess to be up there with Cinderella and Ariel. A Princess that girls of all races can inspire to be like.

I also love the fact that the movie has a strong Black Father Figure in the movie and even though Tiana's Father is only at the beginning of the movie he still has such a strong influence over her life, which our little girls so need with so many of them being raised in all female households. I also loved the fact that her name was changed. We did not want a Princess Maddy among the names such as Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, We wanted something unique and different.
So thank you Disney, you did an GREAT job in my opinion.

Finally after Holli and I listened to the Princess and the Frog CD for the 100th time. Holli tells me Mommy I don't think I am going to be Cinderella anymore. This is big. She has been Cinderella since she was 3. I ask her if she is going to be Tiana now. She goes No, I am just going to be Holli. So my baby girl is coming out of her Princess stage and growing up (sniff, sniff)

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E said...

Oh, I LOVE THIS post. I got teary. I have to tell you ever since I heard about this movie coming out and saw some of the previews and reels about the making of this movie, I thought of HOLLI, so much.
I am not even kidding.

They've recently started HUGE thing at the Disney Parks with this movie as the theme. It's going to breathe new life into the Mark Twain steam boatmaking it into a show boat, with a Mardi Gras type party that will include park visitors in the cast.