Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

So a little update on us.

Diva has had more attitude late and lot more clingy. I don't know if she just needs more or me, more play time with friends or if it's just growing pains. I know part of the problem is that we have been in the house alot on the weekends. It's hard when you have a child that likes to go, go, go and a Mom that likes to be a hermit. I am going to let her have a play date this weekend and I plan to get out of the house more once I get the car in the shop.

Me well I got hit on at a gas station on Tuesday, January 19 by a very looking gentleman named Edward. He seemed to be in his late 40's. He asked for my number and said he would call. If he calls within the next few days he will score major points. He waits till next week I will probably not answer the phone.

Marcus is still around. I am not sure if I am hesitant to go out with because of our age or because I have not been out with a guy in so long. It just feels weird to me. I really need to go out just to get one under my belt.

On the home front - the toy room looks awesome. Holli and I spent almost 5 hours over a 2 day period cleaning and organizing that room. It's so beautiful I don't want Holli to play in it. We have about 7 bags/boxes of stuff to take to Goodwill. I am thinking about posting some online, but if they do not sale with in the next few weeks they are out of the house. I love that room. This weekend my plan is to declutter the guest room. It has been a junk room since we moved in and I can't wait to transform it into my guest/office/craft room.

Other than that life is good. The Diva's Dad and I already had our major fight to start of the new year so I will know if we are going into round 2 next week. He says he hates it when I call him, but he does not reimburse me on time so I have to call him. It would seem that if he hated talking to me so much he would just pay me and be done with it.

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