Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow 2010

OMG I forgot to post about the snow we got in Texas on Feb 11-12. We got 12 inches in some places. I am 42 years old and I do not ever remember that much snow. I got some great pictures, but again I have not replaced my camera cord yet and can't post pics. I need to put that on my todo list today. The Diva's school closed Thursday and Friday. Our office closed - Friday - shocking! - and we were off on Monday. Made for a very lazy did not get anything accomplished weekend. I was very upset with Dish Network because the sattelite did not work and I did not get to spend the day in bed watching bad tv.

Looks like we may get more on Tuesday 2/23/10. This is going to be a very interesting winter.

All is good

Today I am in such good mood. I guess it helps to go to bed before 1am. I got enough sleep to not be a sour puss. I am looking forward to a good weekend. We are suppose to get rain on so I hope to stay in and finish getting the house decluttered and getting in some extra nap time.

I am also happy to say I am in better financially now then I was this time last year. It's babysteps. I see each year how life is improving and I need to stop doing the stupid stuff and manage better. I am going to try the envelope system for spending money from the Financial Peace series. I am not in gazelle mode yet because I am not ready to give up luxuries such as internet and cable, but I am getting there. I am also working on saving more.

As for the Diva's father things have not improved. We are still fighting about every little single detail. He's stubborn. I'm stubborn. One of us is going to have to wave the white flag soon or we are going to wind up in court.

Well that's it. I met a guy named Ken online. We are meeting at Snuffers on Sunday. I have joined a dating site and hope to get out of the house and date this year. I am not looking for anything serious just a little fun every now and then. It will be great if my social life included more than kid's birthday parties and PTA events. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update on Bliss Challenge

AWESOME!!!! I got Christmas stuff stored away. I don't have the perfect storage containers, but I made do with what I had. As for the toy room, the Diva and I spent 3 days decluttering and cleaning it out. It looks great. I made the rule that if it could not fit in the closet in the toy room she could not keep it so there was some pouting and tears, but now it's a room she is proud to call her own.
She calls it her apartment. :)