Monday, May 17, 2010

bits of my weekend

So laying bed Saturday morning and ticked because I screwed up last month and funds were low (times like these are when I really wish there was a 2nd income in the household) and we can't go anywhere or do anything. I was going to have a garage sale, but rain was in the forecast. So around 10:30 am I see that it's not raining and decided what the hell I will put a couple of things out and that way if it starts to rain I won't have to bring to much into the house. My garage has been converted to the a toy room so I have to put things in the actual driveway. So we get our 1st customer as we are bringing the stuff out and bam $5 bucks and then a 2nd customer and in 2 hours we have made $25 and it's getting hotter so we take what's left back into the house. So I ask the Diva what did she want. She wants me to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squequel with her so she can act out the singing and dancing parts with me. We have the movie at the house so actually we didn't need any extra money I just needed to get out of the woah is me pity party and spend time with my child.

So I make lunch, do a few chores and then get to watch the Squequel and some scenes at least 5 times. I am a lucky, lucky mom.

Sunday, I got a little home improvement urge so I painted my hall mirror that has been a nasty foret green for 2 yrs and I painted my wicker coffee table. The Diva spent the afternoon with the neighbors and I got to watch America: The Story of Us. loved it

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E said...

Sounds like a pretty excellent weekend. :)