Friday, June 4, 2010

1 Samuel 1:27

Today I was blog stalking since at the moment I am all about home decor. I haven't actually done anything major, but I am getting lots of great ideas and book marking different web pages. lol I came across a blog called Wondefully Wordy ( and looking at her ready to print vinyl and came across this scripture in one of her designs

"27 For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him" 1 Samuel 1:27

Now anyone who knows me. KNOWS that Diva is my world, but lately I have been failing in the Mommy department. Last night she insisted on talking non stop for an hour until I told her she needed to go find something else to do. I was happy and content to channel surf and sent her off to her room to watch a DVD. This is not the parent I dreamed I would be or even the parent I desire to be. I got a Wii so we could spend more time together. I buy games, puzzles so we can spend time together, but latley we have been eating dinner in front of the tv and then each of us going to different parts of the house to watch more tv. This little scripture, reminds me that I prayed for Diva, that I desired her with all my heart and that I cried out to God that whatever the situation that one day he would bless me with a little girl. I guess I could have been a little more specific and asked a quiet little child content to sit and read but then she would not be the Diva that I love with all my heart. Thank you God for this little reminder that pretty soon the child content to talk to me for hours who is hanging on to me, who walks under my feet even though she is almost as tall as me, who want to help me cook even though I just want to get in and get in down will one day be a teenager, an adult and I do not want these memories to be of us watching tv in different parts of the house.

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