Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

We had a great Halloween this year. The Diva went as Draculaura from Monster High and yes for those of you who know my child this is the 3rd year in a row she has went as some form of vampire. I swear the child is hooked and she has never seen any of the Twilight movies.

This year we did something different. We went out with the diva's best friend Ellie and her Mom and i have to say it was a blast. After doing the trunk and treat hosted by the area churches we then went to our favorite house with the graveyard who always manages to scare the kids , to our grouchy old man who always puts up Christmas decorations for Halloween and then hit the house on The Diva's BFF street. After 8 yrs of mostly doing this holiday by ourselves it was great to have company and Mommy, I mean the Diva got a nice haul of candy that Mommy plans on sharing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School

I can't believe I have a 3rd grader. She is growing up and yes she is still the tallest person in her class. My almost 9 yr old is 5 ft tall (I'm 5'1). I am so glad she doesn't have any issues with her height. I actually think she is going to be ticked when her classmates catch up with her.



Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Excuse Weekend

I am Diva free for 9 days. She is off to WDW to have the time of her life and my plan is to finally start the spring cleaning I have been putting off. I am on vacation so no work, no little one and plenty of cleaning supplies. I hope to have everything done by Tuesday and plan to treat myself to an Ikea visit.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Blog World

I am so sorry I have been ignoring you. So much is going on and lots of exciting things to share. I must gather my thoughts and take pictures. Just to give a mini-update

This spring the Diva got an official diagnosis of asthma. I have been saying for 2 yrs she has asthma but the pediatrician have always wanted to call it something else. After 3 trips to the doctor and not being able to breath the pediatrician stated that yes indeed it is asthma. My poor child had to do breathing treatments, a round of steroid and walks around with an inhaler anytime the crap in the air is stirred up. She is doing great now. I just need to prepare myself for next winter and spring.

Also my newest hobby is COUPONING. I have always loved a bargain and this is bargains time twenty. I love getting a fabulous deal and the fact that what I use to pay for 2 weeks worth of groceries is now a month's worth is even better. As I am typing this blog post I can honestly say that we do not need food, h&b items or cleaning supplies. It's is such a comfort to have these items and not worry especially during this expensive time of the year for me. Yep you guessed it Summer Childcare. She goes to a great program that is only $110 a week but it still stretches my resources every summer and to top that off she is going to Disney with my sister again another budget buster that I had not anticipated this summer, but I really did not want to say No and have to listen to how Zoe (my niece) got to go to Disney and she didn't. Oh the sacrifices of being a parent.  And yes if you read carefully, the Diva is going I am not. I can't see going into debt for a vacation which is what I would have had to do.

Well those are the top updates for now..hopefully the next one won't be in 6 months.