Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Blog World

I am so sorry I have been ignoring you. So much is going on and lots of exciting things to share. I must gather my thoughts and take pictures. Just to give a mini-update

This spring the Diva got an official diagnosis of asthma. I have been saying for 2 yrs she has asthma but the pediatrician have always wanted to call it something else. After 3 trips to the doctor and not being able to breath the pediatrician stated that yes indeed it is asthma. My poor child had to do breathing treatments, a round of steroid and walks around with an inhaler anytime the crap in the air is stirred up. She is doing great now. I just need to prepare myself for next winter and spring.

Also my newest hobby is COUPONING. I have always loved a bargain and this is bargains time twenty. I love getting a fabulous deal and the fact that what I use to pay for 2 weeks worth of groceries is now a month's worth is even better. As I am typing this blog post I can honestly say that we do not need food, h&b items or cleaning supplies. It's is such a comfort to have these items and not worry especially during this expensive time of the year for me. Yep you guessed it Summer Childcare. She goes to a great program that is only $110 a week but it still stretches my resources every summer and to top that off she is going to Disney with my sister again another budget buster that I had not anticipated this summer, but I really did not want to say No and have to listen to how Zoe (my niece) got to go to Disney and she didn't. Oh the sacrifices of being a parent.  And yes if you read carefully, the Diva is going I am not. I can't see going into debt for a vacation which is what I would have had to do.

Well those are the top updates for now..hopefully the next one won't be in 6 months.

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The Scott's Crib said...

Hi Robbie! Thanks so much for stopping by my site and becoming a follower. Your little Diva is sooo lucky because I would love a trip to Disney (with my big ole 27 year old self). I can also relate to the coupon thing girl. There is nothing like going into a drugstore and coming out with stuff for just pennies. Again thanks for stopping by and I will be back soon!