Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Going to the chapel and I'm...

I am a newly engaged woman. Who would have thought it! At 44 yrs of age the last thing I thought is that I would reconnect with an old love who found me on Facebook and fall in love all over again. If someone had told me this a year ago I would have fallen hysterically on the floor laughing.  This came out of the nowhere. I wasn't looking. I wasn't expecting. I was just going about life trying to be a better me and WOW. The saying when you least expect it is sooooo true for me at this time.  So far we have 2 tentative dates set. One for October and one for May 2013. We are going to crunch the numbers and see how soon we can make this work but still provide me with my "dream" wedding. More details to follow...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Backup Your Blog

A Simply Klassic Home     posted about a fellow blogger losing her blog and the importance of backing it up. I am doing it right now. Although, I don't blog alot I would hate to lose my posts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you always have to be the bigger person? Part 2

Well the answer is Yes. I called. I knew I would not have peace until I did. The phone call did not go as expected. It was completely different. Instead of getting the accusations of I am doing something wrong, it was basically just a miss you phone call. I miss you calling and checking on me. I miss you coming by to see me. She also misses the Diva, but it was nice to say that she missed me also. I guess I never realized that I was also important in her life and that our relationship was not just based on the fact that I was the Mom to one of her grandchildren. I am sure she knows the issues that I have with Diva's father, but I guess that should not keep us from speaking. We made plans for Diva to see her over spring break in March. We are going to meet somewhere halfway so it's not just me doing all of the driving.

Anyhoo, I am glad I called.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cupid Lives!

My friends know that I always post a picture of cupid getting shot in the back every year for Valentine's Day.  It's my thing. This year can't do. I have been talking to an ex the past couple of months  and we went out tonight. Oh my gosh I forgot how great it was to be with someone that you can talk, talk and talk to and never run out of things to say. If I didn't have to go pick up Diva from the babysitter, we would still be talking. I am glad though he lives an hour away and it had started to sleet in his part of town. He is now home all safe at home.

I can't believe the stuff he remembered about me and the stuff I remembered about him. I guess we were so young and foolish at the time. I am so glad to have my friend back in my life.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do you always have to be the bigger person?

Anyone who knows me, knows that the Diva is the center of my world. Seriously, I put her right up there with oxygen. So it burns my ass to no end that her Father  does not care about her or maybe he does in his own way, but IMO you spend time with people you care about. So here I have this absolutely wonderful little girl and BTW not just my opinion, who has a Father who only wants to see her if he thinks he can have sex with me as a reward for playing Daddy. So yep you guessed it, he doesn't see her.  He has not seen her since May of 2011 (guilty conscious)  We have not talked since November about the insurance card he was suppose to put in the mail in October, yeah it wasn't pretty. Anyhoo...Diva's paternal grandmother gives me a call and wants me to call her. We have not talked nor has she seen her grandchild in 2 yrs. We didn't have any words or anything but after 8 yrs of ALWAYS being the one to call and ask her if she wanted to see her grandchild and the one ALWAYS taking her grandchild to see her, it just stop being important to me. So I stopped calling and I guess she has realized  after 2 yrs she hasn't talked to the Diva.  Who she thinks is this wonderful little girl or so she said the last time we talked to her. So I get a call from her and she tells me to call her that evening when I got home. My first thought was Fuck you old lady and then I felt bad because I like her, she just happened to raise an asshole of a son who thinks he does nothing wrong and she co-signs on it. She always has a ton of excuses as to why Bubba is not to blame, I guess everyone else is wrong. So I asked on my mommy board should I call and got mixed replies some said No and others said to be the bigger person. So I asked a co-worker I adore and she said why not call and just get it over with, but my questions is Why? Why do I? They walked away from us, not vice versa.
My parents MUST talk to the Diva every single week and MUST see her every month or every other month. This is what grandparents are suppose to want to do, not ignore unless you call. So Friday, I decided well if she calls again I will talk to her. The heffa ( I call everyone heffa) has called twice since then. She just left another message. UGGGHHH I hate this.  I still haven't decided what to do.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 2012 The Revelation

So I was sitting at work looking at floor plans today and got a great revelation. My garage was converted to a homeschool/den by previous owners and although it's a great room . I did not like paying to heat and cool it as  a toyroom for the Diva. So she has been dragging toys back and forth from her room to the den. Leaving toys all over her floor and messing up her closets. My nerves were starting to fray. It came to me that we had a perfect guest/craft room that would be perfect to add toys...duh. So this weekend we are doing a switcheroo. Toyroom becomes guest room/storage and guest room becomes craft and toy room. I should have done this 5 years ago. pictures will follow.

Another note - little sis is getting depressed at the hospital. She went from being very active to laying in a hospital bed and I think it's making her a little stir crazy. Please keep her in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 2012

I guess since I went back to work today after 13 days off I finally feel like 2012 is in full swing Work to do, new projects, work on my budget. I did spend 30 minutes with our IT department trying to log in. It seems that I forgot all my passwords while I was off.

I got my new planner out and marked holidays and school closings. I now need to think about vacation days. I have 4 weeks. I usually plan 3 and kinda fly by the seat of my pants with one week. Last year it paid off. I ended of not working a single Monday in December. lol

Little sister is doing well. She has to spend a few more days in the hospital and then go to a rehab center for a couple of days but she seemed in good spirits. We praying for a full recovery.

Time to go home and implement some of my goals for 2012 and declutter for 20 minutes this evening.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 2012

Well my little sister's surgery went well. The 3 hour surgery turned into an almost 8 hour surgery but she was back in her room texting with one hand in no time. I did think about my resolutions/goals for 2012.

1. Exercise - I need to move at 3 times a week and have the Diva move with me.
2. DECLUTTER - we moved here 5 years ago and still have crap in boxes. I am tired of looking at all the clutter. I now know why people downsize, less space means less crap.
3. Set up a house cleaning schedule. It's time to stop doing a rush cleaning every Saturday morning.
4. Better Mom - less yelling at the Diva and trying to be more patient.
5. Pinterest - Do something from all the stuff I pinned.
6. Debt - I plan to be out of debt by May 31, 2012
7. Save money - self explanatory
8. Coupon - I am not going t be extreme, but I plan to keep up with sales and use them.
9. Meal Planning - plan meals so I have stuff to take to lunch and not run out for fast food all the time.
10. "Soul Food" Sunday dinner complete with inviting others over and fellowship with others.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

My goal for my blog for this year is to actually post something at least once a week or at least share a picture. I wanted to say every day, but seriously who am I kidding. I am writing out resolutions this year, something I never do, but I plan to follow Habakkuk 2:2. I am going to write my vision. Hope to have them up by tomorrow.

This year did start out with a bang. I woke up to a call at 6:35 am with my mom crying (she is horrible in a crisis) and her saying Tiffany. Tiffany is my 23 year old sister who went out on New Year's Eve. I sat straight up in my bed an yelled No, Mama No because of course my mind immediately went to the worse. Thank God, Thank God it was not the worse. My little sister fell coming out a club and broke her arm from the elbow to the wrist. She has to have surgery and put plates in it or she will not be able to use her left arm. I called her and she was so scared and my heart just ached. I am 21 yrs older than her and she was my first baby. I didn't give birth to her but I still have more of a mothering feeling towards her than a sister. Maybe an older Aunt or something. She definitely has part of my heart. So, now my 1st baby is in the hospital on pain medication waiting to have her surgery tomorrow morning. They need some of the swelling to go down. So if you read this please say a little prayer for her to get thru the surgery and a speedy recovery.  Well that's it for now. Diva is still Diva. She got her hair professional braided yesterday and I have not been able to get her out of the mirror AND she is waiting to use the computer. One of my goals for 2012 is to get another laptop. We both seem to want to be on the computer at the same time and I need to go start New Year's Dinner. We got our pork, corn bread and collards because you know you always eat something green on New Year's Day. I know people say black eyed peas but I truly can't stand the taste of them. I meant to get some sweet potatoes, but forgot so it won't be a traditional meal, but pretty damn close. So everyone be blessed, tell  people you love them,  and know in your heart this is going to be an awesome year.