Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Official!

I am now unemployed and ready to start a new phase in my life. I am currently focusing on getting list together of the things I need to accomplish during this transition period. I plan to tell the Diva this weekend, but I am pretty sure she already suspects some things. Mom has been real lax about getting to work the past few days. lol

I have meeting with an outsource company, provided with my severance package to help with interviewing skills, writing a resume and job leads. I am thankful for this because I know the job market has changed quite a bit in 13 yrs. I truly need help with my resume, trying to navigate this process of phone and video interviews and going back to 2 weeks of vacation. (I had 4 and I am so so sad about that). I hope to find something new with the benefits that I had before, a family friendly environment. It was never a problem to be there for my daughter.  Honestly, I want to work at home. I think that would be best for me now. I feel that would be a job that would allow me to be at my best.

During this transition, I hooked up with a group called Planner Addicts. I have met my people. I thought I was the only one that got a high from calendars and school supplies. I have always kept a calendar or planner, but this way I am finding new ways to organize my system. I am trying to keep everything in a personal on the go  planner, but may need to add 2 more to my plan. A home binder and a work binder. Obviously the work binder would be one I kept at work to keep those aspects of my life separate. I am a minimalist at heart so I am working on my system to tweak it. Hopefully I can find a happy medium.

So now I am back to lists, preparing for Thanksgiving at my home this year and giving the Diva a very Merry Christmas. I believe this is our last year for Santa Claus.

Take Care

Thursday, May 30, 2013

24 Weeks till D-Day!

D-Day or L-Day not sure. I am being laid off. You would think as a single Mom who gets $200 bucks a month in child support I would be anxious, worried, wringing my hands and pacing the floor, but amazing it's the opposite. I have peace, optimistic, ready for the next chapter in my life. The fact that I am getting a great severance package and have so much notice to prepare doesn't hurt either. :)

I did have the option of transferring to Austin to work, but that didn't feel right in my spirit. When my daughter was little we moved alot. We moved into our current house in 2008 the year she started Kinder and I made her a promise that I would do what I could to have her graduate from her elementary school. I am doing my best to keep that promise. I have also been at my job for over 12 yrs. The longest, I have ever worked at a company and although the people and benefits are wonderful, lately I have been bored and restless at work. I really want to see what else is out there.

So now I have this countdown. My last day of work will be in November and I am guessing November 15 even though my paperwork says Nov 30.  Thanksgiving is on the 28th this year. I think we will be gone before then so I really need to get started on my bucket list for the countdown. I plan to take December off and completely chill and do not want to do it in an unorganized house so for the next 24 weeks I have on a declutter organized mission.

This weekend my goal is to get the kitchen "spring cleaned" meaning get rid of the science experiments in the fridge and get the laundry caught up.

I then plan to work on the guest room and office because I need the storage area for my upcoming garage sale in which I hope to get rid of tons of things. I think if everything is a dollar the stuff should move. I think if I make everything a dollar people will buy my crap and woo hoo all gone, if not it's getting packed up and taken to charity. The stuff will be gone in June.

After getting the house all pretty I then want to work on my  2 month (Dec-Jan) bucket list to hang out with the Diva. As a single working Mom, I am tired and cranky when I get home most nights. I really want to plan some time with her over those 2 months to make her sick of me. She is going into 5th and I am not sure she will always want to hang out with Mom.

I hope to have a wonderful update next week of a clean, science experiment free fridge.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy 2013!

 I decided to write a post to my very neglected blog. I need to apologize t o my 7 followers. :)

2012 was a very interesting year. I am  not going to say it was the best but it wasn't the worse. I reconnected with an old boyfriend, got engaged, got unengaged. lesson learned - once an asshole, always an asshole. Had to get a new car which is a horror story. Diva got to see her first concert- One Direction.  I lost my Uncle Joe. Diva lost her babysitter.

I did start off 2013 completely different. I did not spend the evening on the phone with my best friend bashing the exes and discussing what horrible excuses for fathers they  are. Time to move on.

My goal this year is to simplify. I want to completely declutter our lives of all junk.  No material or emotional junk. Past relationships are just that. The past.

I hope to blog more about this journey and hopefully this time next year. I can see my progress.

hope everyone has a very blessed and prosperous New year.