Monday, October 20, 2014

bits of my weekend

Should I or shouldn't I? After hemming and hawing for 2 weeks I finally decided to do a last minute  garage sale to get the stuff I had put aside to sale out of my living room. Just to make sure I followed thru, I invited my sisters and a friend to participate. It wasn't too bad. I made $40, friend made $50 and one of my sisters made $90. She had lots of kid clothes. The nosy neighbor watched us set up and said she had some stuff and I could sell it and didn't have to give her any money. It was all crap. I finally had to tell her to stop bringing stuff out.  She is lucky my parents taught me to be nice to my elders. I ended up putting her boxes on the curb with a sign that said free. Luckily, I blinked my eyes and viola the crap was gone.

Now one would think that money would go into saving for the Disney Cruise we are planning again for 2016, but no went to On The Border, bought the kid a new outfit and a book. lol

It was still good to make some extra spending money and enjoy the morning with one of my sisters and a friend

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