Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Did it! Disney Cruise 2014 Part 1

My very long over due post. After a year of hoping, praying, and stressing. I was able to pull of the vacation of a lifetime. The Diva and I spent a wonderful week on the Disney Wonder. It was a wonderful experience because she also flew on a plane for the first time. We got lucky, something happened to our plane and we were upgraded to the big boy. I think it was a 747, 3 rows across, tv/videos in the back of the headrest, so very, very comfortable.

We arrived in Miami the night before and went to our very, cheap hotel...never again, but it was close to the port and the staff was nice. Next morning we boarded our shuttle and off to the port. The Disney Wonder.
After about a 20 minute wait we boarded our ship and the 1st thing they did was feed us. You will not go hungry on a cruise.

My kid and her amazing fearless personality. The 2nd day on the cruise, she basically ate breakfast with me and then dumped me. The Disney Cruise of course had so many wonderful things that kids could do that I was slowing her down. We never ate lunch together after the first day. We ate breakfast, she did her thing and then we would meet in the evening for a show and dinner. She became friends with one of the little girls that sat at our table so she had a hang out partner. I was left to find my own adventures, which was not hard on a cruise.

We did an the Dolphin Island Adventure

So much fun. We also got to hold baby sea turtles

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