Monday, November 3, 2014

bits of my weekend

Busy, busy busy weekend

Started off with The Diva attending her first school dance, a MASK querade dance for 6ht graders. No pictures because she also lost her phone....which I did not find out about until late Saturday night. This kid is going to do cause me extra gray hair this year and I already have plenty.

We then spent 6 glorious house up at the school working on the set build for the upcoming musical. Thankfully some Dad's (3) showed up. We had a model builder and a engineer. Everything was built that day. Sure it's a load off of the Drama teacher's shoulders. Musical starts in 2 weeks. The Drama teacher also told me that Miss Thang was bringing it. She also told me that the Choir teacher wanted her for Varsity Choir. The Choir teacher told her she could have the Diva for now but she planned on fighting for her later on.

Sunday was church fun and laundry, laundry, laundry

Looking forward to the upcoming week

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