Monday, November 10, 2014

bits of my weekend

This weekend was all about fun, fun fun

Started off with going to Salute to American Heroes which is a little small town carnival. Lots of rides that cost an arm and a leg and carnie food. We lucked out and scored VIP passes so the food and drinks were FREE!!!! Bought ride tickets for the kid and me to share. She ran into school friends, took the tickets and dumped me. Oh well life with a 12 yr old. I found some Mom and enjoyed some nice adult conversation. Jo Dee Messina performed and a really nice firework show. We ended the night singing "Proud to Be An American" (music provided by the Fireworks show) as we walked to the car.

Sunday we went to church and then went to our High School's production The Addam's Family. It was good. I wish I could have been able to express my self through theater in High School

The upcoming "bits of my weekend" is going to be AWESOME with lots and lots of pictures.
Stay tuned...

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Treeswife said...

Miss. Robbie i love this. I also have a 12 yo....keeps me on my toes as well. Glad you had a great weekend.