Monday, December 1, 2014

bits of my weekend

My weekend began on Thursday this year. Woo Hoo no work and putting up with all the irritants and best of all since I wasn't hosting, I made a couple of pies and sides and called it a day.

Spent Thanksgiving with my sisters, Mom and Aunt plus the kidlets.

We stayed until midnight and the baby ending up spending the night.

Since I am never in a hurry to be around a mob of people, I waited to Friday afternoon to score a great deal on boots for the kiddo. She had ruined her boots from Back to School, but we will revisit not taking care of your crap on another post.

Saturday I declared it do what Mom wants to do day. I went to At Home (former Garden Ridge) and window shopped, saw Left Behind at the Dollar Movies, if you have never read the books, it will be enjoyable. If you read the book, it is absolutely nothing like the book. You have been warned.
I then fed into my craving of going to Chipotle. I loved not asking the kid what she wanted to do. I plan to do this more often

Sunday was church and an ornament exchange with a friend.

All and all a terrific weekend.

How was yours?

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